Sunday, 15 November 2009

==keberanianmu dikagumi==

saidina umar al khattab r.a. ~al farouq

al-farouq...which means the one who makes the difference from worst to better..
born in 6th century arabia..
embraced islam in 6th nabawwi when he was 27 years old..
feared by king of persian and the romans..

what made him al-farouq?
umar had a hard live..grew up as a shepherd..and his father was so strict to him..umar grown up to be a man with very hard personality..even people will not dare to stay on his path.. cruel,he's not bad,he's not fierce..but he was so stubborn..hardest personality..

abdullah bin zubair bin awwam...a young man..never left the path that umar going to use..umar asked why r u still here?zubair answered there is so much space for u to walk along here..
he was brave enough to face umar..umar said you are like your father-awwam-the man who is also hard..

nabi muhammad s.a.w prayed to Allah, "O Allah..strengthen this deen from Umar al khattab or abu jahal"

because of the influence,status,speaking skills,education and all the qualities in these two people..and Allah chose umar..

he was an educated man..he knew about poetry..and when his first time he read AlQuran, he knew this is not an ordinary poem.this is not created by normal human beings.this is not a speech of a man..

after he embraced the 6th year of islam..he was one of the three -hamzah and Muhammad- pray in front of kaabah openly..none of the musyrikin dare to disturb them..of these two powerful men beside Nabi s.a.w..

he was the only who left mecca for madinah during the day..he even said that whoever wants his wife to be a widow,whoever wants his children become the orphan may come and block me..and on the day of his hijrah,none of the people obstruct his path..

the call to pray-athan@azan- was given from Allah via umar through his dream..and this is what we have today..the azan..which umar heard in his dream..

nabi muhammad s.a.w once said umar is the door of fitnah..and it was true when umar died, the fitnah in islam became to arise..and still continue up to now..

it was time of umar when islam took persia..
it was time of umar when islam took syria..
it was time of umar when islam took egypt..

umar was the first to introduce the child benefit scheme..the first in humankind history..
umar was the first to separate the institution of army and police..
he build roads,hospitals, and education place as damascus and kufah..

his braveness amazed me..his fierceness enlightened the islam...

are we-the people of now- going to destroy all these?vanishing all his effort?

if anybody wants to have the recording of the speech of umar r.a may ask me for a copy..


lily said...

Subhanallah...betapa hebatnya umat islam..tetapi kita masih tidak perasan dan sentiasa mengagungkan dan menganggap kafir laknatullah adalah yang terhebat..buktinya,khalifah Allah dizaman ini,menjadikan mereka sebagai ikon..masih adakah khalifah Allah pada zaman ini yang mempunyai jiwa seperti saidina Umar??erm..thanks for sharing a good info..nak copy ley???hehe

fArA jeFF said...

nak kopi ke teh ke..boleh ajer..kalo nk copy of da recorded speech pon bole..kte ade simpan..nak upload ilek2 dulu la..hihi..byk nk upload..kang meletop pulak