Thursday, 31 December 2009

==hari menumbuk #1==

Certain commonwealth countries do celebrate Boxing Day - a day where in the past the lords and ladies of England give out the christmas presents to their servants and workers. it was the day when the offices and schools are closed and the malls were full of people buying for reduced price of christmas gifts. Christmas eve,Christmas day and Boxing day - three consecutive days where the celebrations are called Christmas Season. Some said it starts during Roman times where after a day of christmas the leader will open the boxes to distribute the gifts to the poor. that's way it is called Boxing day. and if it falls during the weekend, the next monday is the boxing day.

heyyy..what am i talking..i'm not going to exagerate more into this..nahhh...this has mean nothing mehhh...
i didn't celebrate the boxing day..i just celebrating the shopping kan..join aje la..

our journey begins at 7 am..kak anne fetched me n haida from home..we gathered just before entering the M1 motorway and waited for other..n soon we [5 cars] heading towards south to swindon..we stopped for breakfast at the services [sini punye R&R]..but can't remebered where was do wat in the car?me tidoq laa...hikhik..after a nite of stay up mehh...
everybody got the packed box of food..n shared together..seronok nyer..

continuing our journey..we arrived at swindon designer outlets..quite early to go shopping mehh..but the parking was half-fulled..amazing!!hehe...even when i was just about to enter the door, a family have completed their mission..wahwah~
a very good outlets where the brandy names of shops can be found..hek..i donno how much does the price dropped down..yola..even they displayed 70% off- do u really know the actual price?me donno..because i dont wear those i just went in to every shops..n just cuci n haida stopped the mission for a while n went for our fish n chips..krukkrakkrukkrak..

after kenyang the mission continued...after a day of memancing..hasil tangkapannye adalah...*****..hikhik...kasut semestinye..becoz its really hard to find my size in m' i must have that from i got a maroon shoes from cotton traders..n also bought for baba n mama a quickcup tefal..this tefal is the most expensive of all the items je £20..ini bermakna segala pembelianku adalah d bawah £ count its long lifetime purpose,that's worth..
we left the oulets at 5pm n headed to the hotel..we stayed at travelodge swindon..selepas bg can the families wif kids to settle down,we went out for dinner at an indian muslim restaurant..alhamdulillah..tho the briyani wasn't really nice,but thank you Allah for the food..

it's still early of the we decided to watch movie..twilight saga : new moon..but because we had to wait for a while before entering the cinema,these were the activities of anak2 xda keje..

selepas puas berfoya2 d luar tuh,we entered into the mengantok mood sudah well..i always sleep inside the cinema..hikhik..tak i choose the 2nd last seat..alone..senang mau tido kan..i continued my sleeping desire..cehhh..desire..iopened my eyes when the movies was about to start..but do you want to see who were watching the movie with us?really?sure?look at this...

none!!yeahhh~ ini wayang kami punyer...we were the only 5 viewers for the whole story..dat's gud..i am selamat from people... =)

oke's maghrib time..will continue after diz..
have a great day fara..[wish for myself...bluweekkk ]
have a great day too for you all readers =)

sweet note : esok new year but i don't celebrate dis will change..i am still bintun jaffarran

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