Wednesday, 23 December 2009


tik tok..tik tok...

today i want to write in english..doesn't really matter if it is the 'manglish' or 'bringlish'...i still want to have this monologue in it becomes the 'monglish'..hihi~

it's still snowing outside...the roads are white covered..the grass too...what a splendid scene to see..n to feel..that's it..i'm here so i can feel it..the snow,the cold,the borink..hihi~
a very long night during winter..makes me feel so bored..aiyyaa..i feel like to scream..huaaaa!!!

with loads of work to be done..i still got my time to watch movie..juz to make myself hepi for a little bit..jiwang2 for a moment.. =S

i've yet jump into any conclusion for my idea it becoz too much idea or too lack of sense??
i just make up my mind...i can't go to indonesia for my thesis..that's it..i should stop the work matters a lot!!..the scholarship ads are not published yet..n so if it's done,might not be easy for a graduate like me to apply one..except for those who are attached to the uni's..O Allah..plz help me wif this financial matter..plz~

so for the back up purpose,i must find something to be done in uk..
so instead of
'operation & maintenance of domestic rainwater harvesting in indonesia'
it will tune into
'operation & maintenance of domestic rainwater harvesting in uk'

how's that..??seems to be easier..i can cut off the flight tickets to might just need the public transport to do so in here..hurmmm...a good idea..
but..stop!! is it okay for me to have the evaluation on my own..i mean that are the implementers willing to share some infos with me??coz i'm the foreigner here..hurmmm..but yet..isn't that the same if i had to go to indon?i'm still an outsider tho we r malays..especially during this time where some indons are mad to us the malaysians..

if the rwh is to be examined in uk..i can't have the comparison wif rwh in m'sia..that's what i actually intend to do..
we in m'sia received more than 2500 mm of rainfall every year..opps..that's the it should be more actually..yola..with insufficient weather stations, i think the number is greater..meanwhile in the uphill area,the rainfall is heavier..
m'sians are too satisfied wif the good water supply services..
Alhamdulillah the water is available at every houses..wif nos of taps..good quality of water..despites there were some pressure problems..even it was yesterday's news of buletin utama (tv3) where there are some pressure problems in kedah..they are complaining of the dissapearance of look..u just got some minor problems, n yet there were many house chores can't be done..children can't go to school..but do they..and we all realise that this small matter will sooner becomes greater in future???
the rivers are decreasing in its quality..n some are 'vanishing' we know what are we doing?m'sians do really2 depends on the surface water...but doesn't have the sense to keep them in good way..littering,waste disposing,curik pasir lagi..heyyyy~

let me put in some facts..out of 100% of total water resources available, only 2% is fresh water..which means that the rest are is not categorised as fresh water because it's not la..because u can't directly consume it..or more i can say u can't drink it directly..u can still swallow the saltiness of the water,but not to the extend to drink it everyday as ur juice or teh u understand me??oh yes..there's desalination process..but it's too expensive to be done..
okeyy..let us come back to the numbers..from the 2% of freshwater...30.07% are groundwater (which need to be extracted for its availability), 69.59% are the snow & ice (frozen water), 0.30% are surface & biological water and 0.04% are the atmosphere we can see that the great works and efforts of humans only concern for that 0.3%..but we do really have pleasure in it rite? and sometimes we even forget that small number compared to other sources of water Allah has given to us..
i'm not finished yet..plz look at this..from that 0.30% of available surface water..87% are lakes, 11% are swamps and only 2% are look..isn't it is just a small number??
precipitations are the most great sources of water..Allah really have mentioned this in many occurrences in the Al-Quran Al-Karim..let me put one :

" (Dialah) yg menjadikan bumi sebagai hamparan bagimu dan langit sebagai atap, dan Dialah yang menurunkan air (hujan) dari langit,lalu Dia hasilkan dengan (hujan) itu buah-buahan sebagai rezeki untukmu.Kerana itu jgn lah kamu mengadakan bandingan2 bagi Allah,padahal kamu mengetahui "
-from the translation of Al-Baqarah,verse 22 [2:22]-

but when it falls to the earth..precipitations become the surface whenever we are dealing with the water supply matter, surface water is the first blink2..
do we forget about the drops?the rainwater harvesting..yeah..the collected rainfall is actually another prime source..but people tend to dismiss it due to the quality problems..naahhh..
actually it's the collecting process which deteriorate the quality..what's the difference with the droplets into the rivers??yet you still got dirty and polluted rivers..
so this is why i want to know..why are we neglecting this type of source..even if was not recognised as a was really hard to find infos of rainwater/rooftop water harvesting in the water supply books..and in m'sia the water service people don't take this matter as a source for them..doshhh...wake up everybody!!!

Allah~ what have i done much talking..i'll continue in next episode..lets talk more of that rainfall matters there..insya' Allah..

sweet notes : zaman skrg ni nape org tunang pon dah ade pelamin??


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owh..inilah yg engineer kena study?hohoho..ganas!hahaha...
erm,salam ziarah dari tanah air..

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maybe la kot..a bit of it..