Sunday, 13 December 2009

==hugs n loves==

juz finished my was about 36 hours ago..keke
not really a gud work..ouchh!!wish i can redo dat again..huhu..
i really do think dat 2hours of period is not fit wif da questions..simple question ma..but requesting for such long explanation..but 30mins for each question wont be enough..grrr!!
for sure it was stated 5 marks for a,5 for b n etc..but as wat we had 4 da courseworks, dat 5 marks will need a single page answers..n dis is wat dey are expecting in da exams dare..really2 not enough time..or as wat da british pronounce it 'not e-nuf'..

last week was really terrible..if ever i've measured my tears..could possibly beat da rainfall data for dis winter..=p
awat la asyik mau nages ntah..kind of too sad..10-sen agaknye..oh baba..i miss ur '10-sen' word..=)

nothing much to note down here dis time..ape pon tak sempat baca..juz dat iwrm notes..woopppss!!facebook status sempat tukar berkali2 tapi..hihi

so lets preview da iwrm notes saje..juz 4 my memory in case would be needed in future =)
  • integrated water resource management--dats wat iwrm stands for
  • i went 4 dis clas in utm previously..but's not in da same utm we got 1st part for non-technical sessions wif prof zul n da 2nd of computations wif dr ayob.
  • iwrm dis time cover as well the surface water,groundwater,rainfall,catchment basin,irrigation & multiple usage..
  • da difference is dat i learnt bout da urban drainage in hydrology class of prof sobri..including dos OSD..but here i got them in iwrm..thank you Allah coz i've learnt it b4,knew da terms n computations..luckily i still have da digital copy of MASMA..dat manual was my revision books for diz exam..=0..
  • bagus jugak dat MASMA..m'sian DID wasn't bad enough..nice manual
  • wat i've learnt from 3months of 2 different modules in utm was wat i got to do in a month of a single module..nahh!! breaks my kepala =(
  • only now i realized dat iwrm was initially arise during a conference which produced dat 'Dublin Principle' in iwrm is really new thing..and to cover up even a single catchment basin would need more than 17 years of research..much more to do in dis side
  • dis MSc programme really make me appreciate's a gift from Allah..not only 4 drinking but as well as other purpose..n protecting da water was not on itself..everything is upon water..n water is upon everything..

mengapakah daku berbicara seperti ahli iwrm ye?kuang3..not really as answering da exam paper..

it's holiday now...a month of christmas break..
normally i got my car n drive to anywhere i want..but here..really feel like to scream after exam..
where should i go?what should i do?
a month of break but yet i can't meet my family..huhu..
nasib perantau... =9

i bought a flower pot at last..a poinsettia..
it's actually da christmas flower..very bright's da leaves actually..da flower is too da centre part..i read it before dat dis red leaves is to distract insects from da flowers..
nothing what is created by Allah is useless..for dat such small matters we might not notice it..dat red colour leaves do have significance purpose of creation =)

my red hugs n loves...wehihi...awal2's so wonderful =)

after a week..sudah bercerai 2..patah punye pasal..ganas btol gurdian flower ni ek..=p

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