Friday, 7 May 2010

==dinding jagung==

23 JamadilAwwal 1431H

assalamualaikum semua :)

here i've come with a story of my trip to Cornwall,UK..kat mane tuh?search that thru's the southern tip of England.ahh..reminds me of Asian Mainland southern tip in Tg Piai,Pontian..hv been there?nice natural mangrove experience~
well,this trip was exciting..yela..jim alif kaf wau nun..staying in a caravan for three nights.there were 5 of us,and another caravan of kak yong's family of 9.supported by only small tiny pillars would make u tipping and walking slowly in it..ala2 pijak semut tak mati.take a closer look at it's steel-beam beneath it,and civil-ians u know this would help so much rite?transferring the load to the tiang seri..yeah!my knowledge on structure masih boleh tahan ek?hehe~~

on the 1st day we went to Eden's Project,a garden full of flowers with two climatic dome in it-a rainforest biome and mediterranean biome.mcm taman 4 musim di bukit cerakah tu la kot (tho,i've never been there yet!).they display how these two regions have different weather and living plants.i just wonder why do they focus Malaysia in the rainforest biome?despites that Indonesia,Sinagapore,Thailand,Brunei and all other ASEAN countries have the same climate.lepas rindu kejap la pd kepanasan tanahair,even they might exagerate the hot and warm condition inside it.maybe the radiation highlights it more.n 1 thing i notice at the entrance they had this big sign saying that u may need hat to cover ur head,water bottle and kindly take off ur jacket.hoho...they gone seksi dlm situ(sleeveless da sume).i bet they are willing to come to Malaysia next time.tak sampai brape minit and my face turns red.okey!blik nanti kang camne la ;p

later in the afternoon,kami pergi tangkap ikan..hoho..tipu je!!we went to Mevagissy,cari ikan fresh tuk bakar mlm tuh..

then,this 2nd day was the main intention of the trip.we went to Lands End,the name tells u more ;p
angin laut English Channel bertiup for me yg degil tak bwk single jacket,beku la di situ.i just brought my shawl along,ntah angin pe die boleh block pon taktau was a great view,subhanallah!!the cliffs along the beach,the hard rocks beaten by the waves..hv u ever wondered how tough is the cliffs?that's the amazing creation from Allah.and also we visited this tiny farm near the beach,greeted by a friendly sheep.breakfast2 tu pon tak lupe say 'hye' to us..well,it's in the mbek mbek language la.very the nice!!subhanallah~~

next,we headed to Minack Theatre,a sea view theatre platform.nice indeed!!sayang takde show mase tuh.just before zohor we went to Trebah Garden,taking few steps for brizz walk before we reached the beach.sape paling suke?of cos the kids.. :)

overall,this holiday trip was nice!!everything-the place,the people and the most is Allah's creation which make me feel so amazed..subhanallah..with all the signs,why people keep denying it?it's not the nature who does all these,it's HIM,the Most Powerful and the most Merciful..

i got plenty of other pics,hopefully u can view that thru my FB.will upload that later,i'Allah.

till then,don't despair..and do turn to Allah :)

sweet note: we r planning for Palestine Mercy Programme next week,may Allah ease this work upon us..amiiin!!


SNAK said...

santekkkkkk..nk pgi jgk..huhu

iqbalsyarie said...

subhanallah!!!!!!cccaaaannnttiiikkk sgt!!

fArA jeFF said...

lina n iqbal: cantek kan??sgt sesuai lepaskn tensi..will upload di fb.nnt tgk the rest.Allah mmg Maha Indah dan semua ciptaanNya molek2 belaka :)