Sunday, 23 May 2010

==envy of the envi==

8 Jamadil Akhir 1431H

assalamualaikum semua :)

how do u do today?i hope dat u r fine n will always wif Allah's blessings..lets say thank you Allah for all the air we inhaled and all the faith we set up~

kte skg da ada di rumah..dah nk masuk malam kedua tido dgn mama n baba kt sini. riang nye hati tak terkata bila baba agreed to stay here.kalo tak tido hotel,buat mat saleh tu kaya je what i shared before,we went to Portugal few days ago,n the last day there it was baba's burf-day..

sanah helwah baba..i'll pray for your happiness and for all the ease you should have. O Allah! please grant us with success here and thereafter,for these are what baba are hoping for..amiin~

i went to a supermarket and bought baba a present.the initial price was 11 euro,but then when reached at the counter they cant find the price-tag.after few minutes,the item was scanned only as 3 euro. kami terima je la kan..hehe~~soon after touched down at Gatwick,we headed to Swindon and reach the hotel almost at 10pm.i was about to checked-in when the receptionist said that my room was taken,and they had to transfer us to another hotel. luckily the next building do have extra rooms and it was much expensive..but the first management agreed to pay that bill..yey!!well..these probably can be said as the burf-day boy's lucky day..Allah jua memberi rezeki.parents will fly back to JB tomorrow night from London.have a safe journey baba n mama :)

have u read any news on the oil spill at the Gulf of Mexico?it was BP's oil drill site n they tried very hard to siphon the oil..wahh..sempat ke??the crude oil (which is the most 'virgin' oil) have moved away along the coastline..Flourida might be affected if the oil enters the wave n move anti-clockwise towards the coast. they claimed that if it really happens people can see the black water from Miami hotels..hehe..lame2 takde la org nk sun-bedding kat situ kan??tapi kesian ikan2.. :(
i don't really know the oil field works but what i most concerned of is the environment..lalala~~
ya Allah,kalo kt Malaysia jadi benda nih hilang la pantai2 yang cantek..huhu

okelah,got to to sleep..see you next entry.
till then,be wise in every decisions and do remember Allah always :)

sweet note: ada sesiapa yg mengikuti kisah illuminati dan one-eyed mission?dah bace tulisan blog ttg illuminati di tanah melayu?boleh share tak?

sweet note 2: 2012 olympic's mascots also only one eye!!! fikirlah..~~

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