Wednesday, 14 July 2010

==@ wani's==

2 Syaaban 1431H

assalamualaikum semua :)

for the first time,after several months of struggling with my last I got a 24 hour it means that i'm going to meet my SV on wednesday next week,not tuesday as usual.thank you,thank you :)
actually he allowed me to come back after 14days..but then it was me yg gatal2 mintak rabu next week..sajeeee~~nak perasan rajin kejap*lama sgt cuti naik lemak nnt,bukan leh caye ni*

rite now,i'm in London..yup yup 3rd visit to wani's house.kinda missing my home,so jumpa org perling buat lpas rindu.urmmm..logik tak?btw,i'm not coming becoz of the gift today,i bought the ticket since last week..rezeki2..mcm org haus diberi tembikai ;p
holiday2 pon,lappie dibawa tetap kena jalan.. !__!

urmmm,it's syaaban means that there's less than a month until we meet the grand awesome superb sparkling days.a month of improving ourselves.a month of syukur..ramdhan is cominnnnggggg..!!
n yes,the madrasah ramadhan shall be opening now.have u register?have u pack all your belongings and bring along?let's goooooooo~~this school is really really interesting.believe me that u'll enter fasting month with full of faith,hoping only to Allah..

carry your mushaf Al-Kitab everywhere.ohh..n read!!
start picking ur own diet.
talk less,do more..okayy??

come on fara..u must be mentally and physically prepared,for u have to fast 19hours diz ramadhan..!!!
19 hours..ouhhh~ yg sekejap kat malaysia tu pon asik g dapor bukak periuk..hehe ;p

O Allah!!please bless us wif this coming ramadhan,and please grant us chance to meet ramadhan again next year.amiin~~

it's now 2.03 am in the morning..oke la ye,see you again.

till then, jangan ingat raya je tau :)

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