Monday, 19 April 2010

==the clock won't stop==

5 Jamadil Awal 1431H

i know it looks borink and dull and hampes to write here everyday..*peace*
for dis month of JamadilAwal only, i've daily routine of story-ing, talking and bebel-ing in here. there's somethg wrong wif me. Allah,do help me and don't You let me go out of Your sight..

~pic credit to kak yong~

dear frens..i seek apologize for everythg i've done, for all the wrongs and bad treats. no heart feelings ea. jiro-jiro tau..(ckp mmg klo hatimu terluka, i know it's hard..)

the world's nearly to the end, our life's approaching the finish line soon. to die in the pleased of everybody is my wish. but to attain maghrifah from HIM is the ultimate, you, they, and others..we will continue this life no matter how we want the clock to stop tik tok, this earth will not stop moving, the sun will everyday shines the day, and the moon will lighten the dark at night. they will keep on working, obey and praise to Al-Malik..till He says STOP! only then we'll realise this world is only a trial, to play jokes on us.

the tears have not reach the limits since then..when ek?i donno..i think for this whole week. dropping whenever i wish to express any feelings. to say that i'm hepi, or to be sorrow upon the mistakes, it drops and continues..kalo selalu mcm ni dehydrate la..huhu..u may say awak ni gadis airmata la, sile2. i won't be mad..(oh,bab marah ni lg tak reti.nangis is easier to me)

have my luv for u, or i go merajok.hehe~~
send my regards to everybody when they ask u bout me. to wish happiness tho i wont always be here..
u know, my mama don play wif fake words. very the honest (manglish dah mai..). once she hugs me n say "kakak, u r not a clever girl, it just happen ur r rajin and u can sit along wif ur frens. let them be, coz Allah knows better"..see, told ya! org lain ade 'bran' ke mau cakap gitu?hehe~i juz want the hugs. say nothing and i will appreciate u more ;p

till then, jaga diri, jaga iman. tak ingat fara takpe, ingat Allah lg best.

"bukan ku tak mahu, tp ku tak mampu..ku akan tetap menunggumu,sehingga aku tak mampu"


norsyazwani said...

salam Fara,

Dah pergi GP lum?
Insyaallah, moga tiada apa2

fArA jeFF said...

wani dear..belom.esok petang..neves mcm nk g nikah (hoho..tipu jek,sgt tipu)..(~_^)

i'allah selamat semua =)