Sunday, 4 April 2010

==i woke up!!==

19 rabi'ul akhir 1431H

assalamualaikum..salam sejahtera..salam perpaduan..eceh~~

ni bukan ayat pro-gomen ye..peace!!

(sambil berkata dlm hati ini tiada kaitan dgn pilihanraya DUN yg akan dtg)

alhamdulillah,i manage to complete the 48 episodes of 'the arrivals'..well then,i do heard about another 'the arrivals'..mungkin opposite version of this..the series i've watched can be found on

nothing to say about this other than to feel ashamed of myself.all those proofs and facts they presented were always here around me..and around u.but it is just that we only see this world as a place to live and work.we stay alive w/o knowing the facts that the world is actually coming to the end and the true and permanent life are the hereafter.Allah The Merciful mentioned this repeatedly in the Quran.

for everything that we see and hear,we should try to find the source.try to re-check the information fed to us.some myths in the documentary may have some misunderstanding and misconception,but as a seeker of the truth,we shall not skip to trace back the actual fact.

eventually,everything come back to al-quran and as-sunnah.upon the real beliefs and taqwa to Allah and Muhammad s.a.w. we shall grasp tightly.there are sometimes things should not be written here to avoid any misinterpretation among the readers.diriku bukan pencetus kontroversi~~

but for those who wish to say words for this online documentary may do so..i really appreciate it!!

"demi masa yang ditunggu kita kan bersatu

berkongsi harapan seperti yang dijanjikan

kau dan aku beriringan selamatkan keimanan

bukti insan dan cintanya pada Tuhan''

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